“We couldn’t have done the week without you. Not only were you a spectacular videographer, you were a chaperone, staff member and friend to both us and delegates. Thank you for your patience, diligence and scrappiness! You are one of kind and we were SO LUCKY that you just waltzed into our lives. Thank you for a wonderful week.”

”THANK YOU! To be perfectly honest, I had no idea what to expect and thought we might get a few good shots and some footage. Instead, we got absolute gold. You were a force of nature, bringing out the best in all the delegates and staff and creating beautiful shots that captured the essence of what we are as an organization. For that, and for your unyielding calm and friendship, we really can’t thank you enough.”

“Everything regarding Sonia’s professionalism was spot on, she meshed homogenously into the group, both with the delegates and the team and was able to make everyone feel very comfortable in front of the camera (which is hard to do). This stood out to the team as she made our jobs easier as well as made everything look seamless.”

“On numerous occasions, I told the team that
Sonia was one of the very best highlights of this Summit and I truly mean that. You’ve got a future (and present) brimming with success and I’m so pleased that we got to be a small part of it.”

“I wanted to tell you that I am very happy to have you on our team. In addition to all your videomaker’s skills and creativity, you are a
wonderful people person and interaction with you lifts my spirits up and somehow increases the energy levels even when I am veeery exhausted as you have this contagious positive nuclear energy spreading around your bright (literally) persona.”

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