My work can be divided in three different sections:

Having established my film career in Bristol and London, I have worked on numerous film sets as a producer, production manager, director and editor.
I am currently cruising the world making films for my own social impact video production company, 

I take big pride in being able to help my clients organise their lives and businesses. In the past I have worked with BAFTA-winning film directors, indie producers, key individuals running Bristol's music scene as well as numerous clients worldwide for remote work.

I consider myself an activist and a push for change as well as an inspiration for young people who like me came from backgrounds that challenged them one way or another.
In the past I have cooperated with mental health organisations to support youth, I was an international summer camp counsellor and I give inspirational talks regularly. In 2016 I have given a TEDxYouth talk in Maastricht (Netherlands), titled "How To Fail A Gap Year Gloriously". I also love working with youth and have done a lot of film workshops as well as mentoring work with international students in from over 10 countries.
Filming with Teri Hatcher at Port Eliot Festival, 2018
Filming G(irls)20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2018
Google Argentina, 2018 event in Bristol, 2018
Working on TEDxBristol 2017 as Assistant Event Manager
TEDxBristol afterparty, 2017
Filming at BBC Bristol, 2017
Filming at Lake Sevan, Armenia, 2019
Recording a podcast episode at Screenology, 2017
directing a short film "Song of the Open Road", 2018
Song of the Open Road, 2018
Harvard World Mondel United Nations, Madrid, 2019
V-Day performance against violence against women, Armenia, 2019
Royal Television Society Student Awards, 2018
Behind the scenes of "Song of the Open Road", 2018
Harvard World MUN, Madrid 2019
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